10 Best Christmas Budgeting Resources on Pinterest

We all want to survive enjoy the holiday season without the stress that comes with having to finance it. It’s more fun to celebrate without having to worry about rebuilding our bank accounts in the New Year.

I know there is a lot information on the internet, and it’s hard to know what’s really worth reading. So, I’ve collecting the 10 best Christmas budget resources on Pinterest for you in this list. These ideas are sure to keep you on track this holiday season!


10 Best Christmas Budgeting Resources on Pinterest - I SAVED SO MUCH MONEY with these ideas!! You have to check this out!!

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Look back on your Financial Year

Are you making the New Year’s resolution to have more money next year? I’m going to help you set yourself up for success with a series of posts that will help you create a plan that will make it easier for you to follow through on your resolution and actually have more money.

We’re going to break this big goal down into bite-sized pieces and attack it step-by-step  in a series of posts called Prepare to have More Money in 2017. This series will include looking back on your 2016 financial year, deciding on your financial priorities, track expenses, setting a budget and implementing your plan.

Prepare to have More Money in the New Year, Part One: Look Back on your Financial Year - Reflect on the money choices you made this year so you can actually HAVE MORE MONEY next year!

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What should you do when you can’t afford the Holidays?

The holidays can be a stressful time when you’re struggling financially.  We all want to give our loved ones gifts that they will love, but how can we do this when we’re struggling to get by as it is? Well, today we are going to tackle that problem and try to find a solution to the problem: What should you do when you can’t afford the holidays?

What should you do when you can't afford the Holidays? You can still give gifts without spending a fortune! These ideas helped me save so much money!!!

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The Gift that Everyone wants to Receive

Are you stumped about what to get some of the people on your shopping list this holiday season? You’re not alone! Sometimes it’s really hard to know what people really want. We want to give them something they will like, and use, but this can be a challenge! Well, I’m going to try to help you solve this problem today. I’m going to tell you more about the gift that everyone wants to receive!

The Gift that Everyone wants to receive - and how to get that gift for less! This will help you with those hard to buy for people on your list this year!!

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My Surprising Second Month Blogging

I’ve been blogging for 2 months now, and I have to tell you, I love it! It’s fun to write about things that I’m passionate about. I love sharing my ideas with people out there.  And I am just blown away by how many people are actually reading my words.

My Surprising Second Month Blogging - How I got Over 18K Pageviews and Over $300 Income in my 2nd month blogging!

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9 Best Websites to get Free Stock Photos for your Blog

We all know it’s important to use high-quality images on our blog, but this can challenging if for those of us that are not great photographers. Today I’m going to share with you 9 websites that offer free stock photos that you can use on your blog.

9 Best Websites to get Free Stock Photos for your Blog - Copyright-free, Royality-free Beautiful Professional Photos for your blog. #9 is my favorite!!!

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Let’s Be Thankful All Year: 5 Free Gratitude Resources

Each year, when Thanksgiving rolls around, we are reminded to be thankful. We spend a few minutes thinking about our family, our friends, and the things we are thankful for. Perhaps we even share what we are thankful for with our family at Thanksgiving dinner.

And thinking about the good people and things that are in our lives… well, it makes us feel good. Doesn’t it?

So, I’d like to suggest that it might be better for all of us to spend more than a few minutes a year thinking about what we are thankful for.

Let's be Thankful All Year: 5 Free Gratitude Resources - This can change your life!

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9 Worst Holiday Shopping Mistakes

I know how much work it is to get the best deals on holiday shopping. Today I am sharing the worst holiday shopping mistakes so that you can avoid them when you’re buying those gifts this year!

9 Worst Holiday Shopping Mistakes. Yikes! I always make mistake #6! Are you making any of these holiday shopping mistakes? You have to read this!

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5 Reasons to Shop Online for Black Friday

I used to love waking up early the day after Thanksgiving and rushing to the stores with mom to tackle Christmas shopping and get some great deals. We would look at the circulars and plan where we wanted to go. Then we’d get there and struggle to find the things we were looking for and stand in line for hours and give up before we got most of the things we wanted.

And so, in recent years, I’ve loved getting all my Christmas shopping done online! In this post I’m going to share 5 reasons to shop online for Black Friday.

5 Reasons to Shop Online for Black Friday-- Wow! I learned so much about how to get the best deal from this post. #3 is my favorite! I'm going to save SO MUCH MONEY! You have to read this!!

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No Spend November: How I Survived my 2 Week Long Spending Freeze

I survived my No Spend November 2 week long spending freeze! It wasn’t always easy but as I looked at my bank account this morning I had this big feeling of relief and I knew that it was worth it.

My Christmas shopping isn’t going to leave me feeling stressed this year because I have 2 weeks worth of spending money saved up to allocate to it. That is sure to lighten what is usually quite a financial burden.

No Spend November: How I survived my 2 week long spending freeze. Wow! I saved SO MUCH MONEY by doing this! This post explains how to make it work for you. Must Read!

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