25 Frugal Living Tips

Do you want to learn how to live on less so you can save more money? A frugal lifestyle just might be what you’re looking for. These 25 frugal living tips will get you started!

25 Frugal Living Tips - I've saved $250 this month with these tips! You have to try this.

25 Frugal Living Tips

  1. Think twice before you buy! Instead of giving in to the desire to impulse shop, give every item a second thought before you actually pay for it. If you don’t need it, put it back.
  2. Lower your bills. Here’s how to cut your electric bill and phone bill.
  3. Drop some expenses. Do you really need cable? Are you paying for any membership services that you could cut out?
  4. Get cash back when you can. If you shop online, you should be getting paid for it. Find out how here.
  5. Avoid racking up those credit card bills. Only charge what you can fully pay off that month.
  6. Use coupons for things that you would be buying anyway. Be careful not to buy things just because you have a coupon for them!
  7. If you have debt, make it a priority. Find out all about debt payoff strategies here. And don’t make this mistake!
  8. Make spending freezes part of your life.
  9. Join the rewards programs of every store you shop at. And then use your reward card.
  10. Make your own instead of buying premade. Think: coffee, lunch, oatmeal, anything you can make yourself will save you money.
  11. Share your reasons for saving with your friends. It will get you motivated!
  12. Use reusable items instead of disposable anywhere I can. Real plates and real towels will save you real dollars.
  13. Have fun for free. Go for a hike or go to a park instead of spending money on an activity.
  14. Transfer money into your savings account regularly.
  15. Cut out the junk food. Only buy special treats when they’re really something special.
  16. Shop foods that are in season. They’re often cheaper, and always delicious.
  17. Stop wasting food. Eat what you buy and don’t let it expire. Keep a list on the fridge of expiration dates so you don’t let anything go bad.
  18. Use your freezer. Freeze foods that are expiring soon. Even produce can be frozen and used in a smoothie or a baked recipe!
  19. Stop buying sugary drinks. Drink water instead.
  20. Meal plan. This is how I do it.
  21. Buy things you use often in bulk at a warehouse club store.
  22. Stop eating out. Here’s some inspiration.
  23. Have potluck parties when you’re entertaining.
  24. Make a budget and stick to it.
  25. Always look into more ways to save money. Reading this blog is a great start!

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  1. Anne Salter

    more than homemade convenient foods like coffee, think of making your own laundry soap (takes me a couple of minutes every 2 months), finding hobbies that save money (can you quilt? great gifts for relatives; do you knit? everyone gets a new scarf!), and not going shopping unless you NEED something specific. Window shopping should NOT be a hobby.

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